The Management

Abdul Waheed | Chief Executive Officer |

Abdul Waheed holds over 30 yrs of experience in the industry, and has been actively involved with different areas of production, maintenance & quality. He was an integral part of Press Comp International, before founding Peenya Fine Comp Pvt. Ltd., along with his partners; in the year 1990. His vision and dedication to this company has been outstanding, and as more and more clients continue to place thier trust in his expertise and entrepreneurship, it goes a long way in proving the passion with which he works. Having travelled extensively across the Middle-East, China & Germany, Mr. Waheed, possess a distinct understanding of cutting-edge manufacturing & production technologies, and has chalked out some very ambitious plans for the expansion of the firm, which would lead to better efficiencies, more value for the clients, and see the firm scaling greater heights.

Ashraf Vohra | Chief Financial Officer |

Ashraf Vohra is qualified CPA, a consultant and previously a board member to various companies in India and the Middle East. He currently runs a successful financial and investment consultancy in Bangalore. As chief financial officer to this company, Mr. Ashraf has been instrumental in financing the expansion of the company to its current state, and is responsible for developing key strategic measures to drive the company’s growth.

Syed Shakeel Adeeb | Director- Finance |

Syed Shakeel Adeeb, is one of the key members of the management at Peenya Fine Comp. Having worked in Saudi Arabia with various illustrious companies, at key roles, he carries with him, a solid experience of over 25 years in different facets of accountancy. He has been a Chief Accountant and has held responsible posts with MNCs like the Tarsh Holdings- Mauritius. He has also traveled to Taiwan on his different business expeditions. Mr. Shakeel has been quite instrumental in streamlining the finances of the firm, lowering its overall costs and hence creating more value for the firm. He continues to work towards the firm’s goals with continued dedication and imparting his invaluable expertise.

Mr Khaleelulla Khan | Toolroom Director |

Mr Khaleelulla Khan -  is one of the founding members of the company, and has more than 25 years of experience in complex tool making expertise under his belt. He has been instrumental in developing an array of sophisticated tools.